Caring Transitions – “Creating Tears of Joy”

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Moving or Downsizing is a very stressful time for anyone and can be even more traumatic for Seniors and their family members when facing a major transition.  That’s why Caring Transitions is focused on creating “Tears of Joy” when the Client and their Family walk into the new home.  The sense of relief at the reveal is overwhelming and the most common response we see from our Clients and their Families are tears of relief.  

Our goal is to lower stress during the moving and downsizing process by connecting with our Clients to understand their objectives and assure them that we can guide them through their journey.  We provide personnel who are compassionate, trained, background checked, and fully insured.  We are also Certified Relocation Transitions Specialists who have extensive experience helping Families through the entire process that starts with developing a project plan and ends when our Client’s objectives have been successfully addressed.

Prior to going through the moving and downsizing process with my Parents I had no idea how different and how much more stressful it would be versus the many work-related moves that we had undertaken.  Work had caused us to move across the Atlantic Ocean twice and the stress involved in those relocations was non-existent compared to what we experienced while trying to downsize and then move my parents a distance of less than 5 miles.

My Parents’ transition was very different, and more difficult, because family dynamics with Siblings came into play, we were trying to guide our Parents through a very emotional change that also affected us emotionally (we were emotionally invested), and the reasons for the transition were also very, very different.  With career-driven relocations our major focus was on the excitement related to the new-beginning and new experiences.  With my Parents the transition started off focusing on “Endings” and Loss.  After several very difficult interactions we realized that we had to work hard to find the positive elements of the new beginning and maintain a focus on those positive aspects so that we could simply survive the transition emotionally while maintaining the family relationships to the greatest extent possible.

I am happy to say that we made it through the transition with my Parents and the new-normal gradually emerged.  The new-normal has validated that we made the right decision because their overall quality of daily living has improved.

Looking back, I wish we would have had a trusted advisor to guide us through the Transition.  Having that neutral party most likely would have resulted in less stress for the entire family.  At Caring Transitions our goals are to Reduce Stress and provide Greater Peace of Mind for our Clients and their Families.  Tears released at the reveal due to the overwhelming sense of relief are nice but our dream is to provide guidance so that tears during the reveal are mostly “Tears of Joy” because the new home is more inviting than the Client ever imagined.

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